Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Our Dabble in to Being Gardners

When the girls bought home a homework project that involved keeping a plant alive and writing a diary about it, right when I was due to give birth, I have to admit to being a little less than thrilled. Especially as it was a competition and the girls were so excited by it! Still, at least we managed to submit a diary

Our Dabble in to Being Gardeners
By The Buntings

Day 1,
Today we planted our seeds…Well actually today we got fed up of asking mummy if we could plant our seeds and hearing “not today, maybe tomorrow”, so we asked daddy. He’s a much more enthusiastic gardener than mummy and was really excited to grow some tomato plants with us.
We carefully watered the pot, opened the packet of seeds and dropped them in, we gently placed them on the kitchen windowsill and were very excited to start on our journey of becoming gardeners. Luckily mummy immediately spotted daddy’s mistake and grabbed a sharpie. It’s like she can see can sense argument territory. With the crisis averted and our names now clearly sharpied on the pots we went to bed happy.

Day 2,
This afternoon Callie pulled up a chair to the kitchen sink and ‘watered’ her tomato plant while mummy was busy doing something else. When I say watered, I mean she drowned it. There was water everywhere, all over the kitchen counter, dripping on to the floor and Callie was covered head to toe in water. Mummy was alerted to the problem when Ollie ran into the kitchen, slipped in the water and cried out because he couldn’t stand up. Mummy says it was like a scene from Bambi and had to sit down before helping because she was laughing so much, she says it was so funny she might just laugh the baby out. Callie said “I just wanted to make it grow faster”, mummy said next time we had to check with her first.

Day 4,
This plant growing business is boring. Daddy says it’s going to be days before anything happens and mummy says “if you ask one more time if the plants have grown yet…”she’s never actually finished the sentence so we don’t know what will happen. Maybe if we ask just one more time we might find out…

Day 9,
Yesterday mummy had the baby! Despite our plants living in full sight on the kitchen window sill, no one thought to water them while mummy was in hospital. Mummy says she feels sorry for the poor plants, we drowned them and then dehydrated them, we gave them a good water but she’s not sure they will grow now.

Day 14,
Today we asked mummy if we could see how our plants were doing. We watched the blood drain from her face as she realised she had forgotten all about them. Millie’s is doing really well, but Callie’s is a little different (mummy says that’s ironic, but we don’t really understand what she means) it seems to be growing upside-down. We don’t really know what to do about this, mummy has never come across a plant growing downwards and out the bottom of the pot before. We’re hoping it sorts itself out soon!

Day 18,
Today is a sad day. There were bugs. We heard mummy shouting at them, she wasn’t happy with the bugs, she called them lots of names and daddy said she’d lost the plot, but as Ellie was only 7 days old and mummy had watched her be so sick in the hospital, it was allowed. Callie and I were devastated as we watched mummy pick up the pots and throw them outside, but daddy has PROMISED us we can go to Homebase and pick out some new plants to hand over. Mummy says they will not be stepping a foot inside her house. EVER!

Day….we lost count
The plants are due back in school tomorrow and we haven’t been to Homebase yet and now it’s too late. Mummy and daddy said they’re very sorry but they’ve been pre occupied thinking about moving house, mummy promised we’re not going to be made homeless, but we can tell they’re a little bit worried about it, even if they say they’re not…Plus they promised we would go to Homebase and see how that worked out!

So we don’t have our plants, but we hope you see the funny side of our dabble into being gardeners, Mummy says we won’t be growing anymore plants in the near future, Daddy said he would grow some plants with us, mummy didn’t look impressed

I'm thrilled to say they won a prize for the diary part of the competition. They won, wait for it... A packet of seeds each. It's safe to say, I'm not going to be planting them any time soon!

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Baby Bunting #4

My beautiful baby girl made quite a rushed entrance into this world.  We expected her to be quick, especially as Ollie was a 31 minute labour, but no one was expecting what is officially documented as a 2 minute labour! I say officially documented as initially we were told 4 minutes!

Due to previous complications and big babies I was expecting to be induced on 13th April. Unfortunately it was a very busy time for our maternity unit and there were no beds available, so I had to stay by the phone and they would call me when a bed became free and I could go in. If you've ever been pregnant, you'll now those last few days of pregnancy seem like a life time, and waiting for that phone call was excruciating. The phone finally rang at 6pm on Friday evening, just as we were about to put the kids to bed. Luckily my parents were on hand to take over and Adam and I excitedly went off to hospital.

We arrived at 7pm and after a quick tour of the unit I was ready for the pessary to kick start labour, except my body had other ideas. On examination I was already 3cm dilated and there was no point putting the pessary in, so a new action plan was drawn up and once again we were waiting for a phone call, this time from the labour ward. As I wasn't in active labour we weren't a priority case, so we waited and waited and waited until finally at 4.30am on Saturday morning, I was told there was a bed! We went down to labour and after all the paperwork and observations, my waters were broken with a massive tidal wave gush at 5.30am.

I was so tired by this point I just wanted to go to sleep. The midwife was totally against me going to sleep, but I'd been up since 5am on Friday morning and was just exhausted. As a compromise we agreed I could sleep for 10 minutes and then had to sit on a birthing ball and be active. My version of active however was to sit on the ball with my head on the bed and go to sleep some more!

I ended up dozing til 7.30 when they wanted to examine me and discovered I'd only dilated 1cm in 2 hours. They told me this was too slow and I needed to be put on the hormone drip to speed up dilation. I was 100% against this and pleaded for another hour to see what happened and reluctantly it was agreed. I think she agreed partly as it would mean there would be a shift change and my new midwife would be able to start and complete the process during her shift but whatever the reason, I was grateful for another hour without the drip.

At 8am, just after the shift change, I started feeling like I needed to push. The midwife looked at my notes and told me as I was only 4cm 30 minutes ago, so there was no way the baby was on its way! At 8.30ish my hour was up. If I hadn't progressed substantially by now it was time to start the hormone drip. I closed my eyes as she examined me and hoped that my body was moving in the right direction, after all the urge to push was getting stronger and stronger and I was struggling to suppress it. The midwife looked at me and explained that I was only 5cm. It wasn't enough. She told me my body wasn't progressing as they had hoped, and it really was time to start on the drip now. Reluctantly I agreed and she left the room to get everything ready.

Now here's where it gets a little hazy, once she left the room I turned to Adam and shouted at him because I didn't want to do this anymore. I didn't want to be pregnant and I didn't want to be in labour. Or not in labour. I told him I wasn't capable of giving birth and he needed to find someone else to do it! I told him I hated him and that he didn't care about me. Then I told him to press the buzzer because the baby was coming. I could feel the baby's head, it was on its way and I could no longer stop my body pushing it out!

I'm going to avoid being graphic here, so will gloss over the details a little. The midwife walked back into the room and looked at me and said "is that the baby's head?!" my first words to her were, "yes, I told you I needed to push, its out". It happened very quick as she pushed the emergency buzzer ran to grab some gloves and was hurriedly putting them on as she rushed over to me, but before she even had them on, my baby girl was led on the bed!

I was in shock, Adam was in shock, the midwife was in shock, the anaesthetist who had been called to give me a epidural and arrived just at that moment was in shock and the midwives who ran into the room to help with the emergency were shocked to see me holding a baby. Needless to say nothing was ready and after all the checks had been done we were once again waiting around until an antenatal bed could be found.

Introducing Elyana Hannah Colleen Bunting, my gorgeous baby girl born at 8.36am on Saturday 15th April.

She is very loved by all her siblings who fight for any opotunities to play or cuddle.

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Just a little update...

I'm sat at my laptop bouncing a baby on my knee, an exhausted broken mess surrounded by boxes. My children are 'tidying' the living room, and by tidying I mean shouting at each other and then coming to find me to whine that one of them isn't helping enough, and my first thought was of this blog. This was my sanity saver in the first few months after Callie and Ollie was born and I guess I'm looking once more for that slice of sanity now Ellie is here. We are in the throws of sleepless nights, being glued to the sofa all day and experiencing all those firsts. Ellie's gorgeousness and gummy smiles right when I need them is the only thing that's saving me from loosing the plot right now.

Having a baby isn't the only thing we have been up to in the ....oh far too long since I last posted! We're also moving house, hence the boxes. At least I hope we're moving house. We were all lined up and ready to go 3 weeks ago. All ready to exchange contracts, and then nothing. Our buyers solicitor disappeared for a few days, no one could get hold of them and the day came and went without any exchange. since then, suddenly we are no longer ready to exchange. There have been further questions, more delays and I'm just sat waiting for the phone to ring. It would drive anyone to the edge, and that's exactly where I am right now. Half our life is boxed up and the other half is on hold until we're in our new house.

I'm hoping against all hope we move before the sweet little baby i gave birth to grows out of her 3-6 month clothes. I have a whole bundle of clothes in the next size up... i just have no idea what box they are in! Judging by the babygrow shes wearing at the moment, it wont be too long before I'm going to need to hunt it out! Did I mention
this little one is only 12 weeks old?! Shes growing far too fast for my liking, but then after a 4 minute birth shes obviously just in a hurry to catch up with her sisters and brother!

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Monday, 6 July 2015

What a week!

Well actually its been 2 weeks. It started with Ollie tripping up and cracking his head open on the side of the bed, he had to have it glued together and being the little monster he is, he couldnt leave it alone. We ended up back in hospital the following day having it re glued together after he ripped off the tape opening it all up again. Then a few days later, while he was sat on my lap watching tv, he suddenly started behaving very strangely, twitching and shaking. I took him to A&E to get him checked out to make sure he was ok. It was decided he probably hadn't had a seizure but instead had stopped breathing for a short amount of time and was shaking due to lack of oxygen. Can I just point out that the dr was telling me this expecting to make me feel a little better. It did not.

The following day I recieved a phonecall from the head peadiatritian at the hospital who felt that it was probably best to give Ollie a CT scan, just ot be absolutely safe. He was telling me I needed to bring him in so I got out the callendar and asked when he was thinking. He repiled with 'how soon can you get here?' Those words filled me with panic, luckily Adam was literally walking through the door as I was talking to the dr so I was able to grab a couple of nappies, a bottle and my car keys and we went stright in. The scan involved swaddling him tight, using foam wedges to secure his head and me holding his chin in place with my hand resting on his chest so he didnt squirma nd arch his back. It wasnt a great expiearience for any of us, as soon as it was done I scooped my baby out of the big scary machiene and we had lots of cuddles. We were on tender hooks for 24 hours waiting for the dr to call, he would only call if there was a problem, so I was hoping the phone wouldnt ring, and every time it did my heart was in my mouth. Thankfully npne of the calls we recieved were from the dr so I can only assume the results came back all clear.

I was sure that due to spending the best part of a week in the hospital we were all due a break. Surely fate would deal us a nice relaxing hand and we could spend a few days at home recovering after the stress of the past week. Unfortunatly fate had other ideas. During a phonecall to my mum I mentioned that I had a headache and was struggling to stay awake, the children were also having a tired day and were led on the floor practically asleep. out of nowhere she asked if we had a carbon monoxide detector, trying to brush her off I said we did and it wasn't going off. She persisted and I went to check only to discover it missing and vaguely remembering accidentally leaving it at the old house when we moved. It transpired we had a leak into our house and within 30 minutes of opening all the doors and windows and getting some fresh air into myself and the children we had all perked up and were feeling much more awake and happy.

Surely now we would be cut some slack and we were due some accident free months? Again, fate had other ideas. Millie decided to stick her finger in a light bulb socket and in her words, it felt like a thousand spinners had gone off in her finger! Thankfully the shock was very mild and she has only been left with a small burn on her finger. I've given up hoping for an incident free week and instead am waiting paciently for the next. I'm saying 'Bring it on' to the universe and am daring it to throw something else my way, in the secret hope that is enough for now!

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Monday, 29 June 2015

What to take when you go camping (with toddlers)

Almost 2 years ago (I really cant believe it was that long ago!) I posted up a quick kit list of all the things we take when we go camping for 4 days. Had I known at the time it was going to be one of my most re-pinned pins on Pinterest and most visited post, I would have taken more time over the post rather than just throwing something together as a response to a email I received!

Today I am updating that list, The girls have grown up a lot since then and many of the things we had on the original list, like dummies for the girls, are no longer needed. Plus we have had another child! Our new kit list is based on the way that we like to camp. For example, we like to take 2 tents with us, our main one with carpets and bedrooms and a separate day tent to cook and eat in. We also have a kitchen unit to put the cooker on in the day tent, but if you are new to camping, these things aren't actually needed.

Our kit list is a mixture of essentials and luxuries but all of the items make our camping experience a little bit better, from the folding bin that means we don't have to have a bin bag floating around the tent to the beach tent shelter that enables us to have a home from home when we decamp to the beach for the day, every item is essential and I honestly couldn't live without it. Everyone's kit will, and should, be unique to their family. This list is very much based on the needs of our family, Ollie has asthma so a baby mask for the inhaler is essential for us, but you may have other medical or physical needs. Play around with your list until you find something that works for you.

You can download and print off a full copy of my list here

Take a look at my top 5 tips for camping with toddlers to see how we use some of these things.

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Monday, 22 June 2015

My top 5 tips for camping with toddlers

The first time Adam and I went camping was when we'd only been married a few months. We picked up a cheap 2 man tent, a couple of sleeping bags and an air bed and thought every thing would be great. It wasn't, it really wasn't. We pitched our new tent in the rain and we were wet and tired once we'd finished. The tent was alot smaller than we expected, but we thought we'd make the most out of it anyway. Halfway through that first night we discovered the tent had leaked leaving us lying in a puddle, the air bed had deflated and the wind had whipped through it leaving us freezing cold. We retreated to the car and, first thing the following morning, we packed up and took the tent straight back to the shop. It took a couple more years before we gained the courage to try camping again, but when we did, we had learnt so much from that first expiearience. We now go camping every year and absolutely love it! Here are my top 5 tips to enjoy camping with your children.

1) Keep warm during the night
The main thing we learnt about camping was that if we were dry and warm we could do anything. Being warm during the night often means a better night's sleep and the ability to tackle anything in the morning. At night time the children wear thermal vests, pj's and a big fleecy onesie on top. They then have their quilts off their beds and a big fleecy snugly blanket. I also take enough blankets so that they have the option of having another one if they need it. For us adults we wear tracksuits, have our quilt and snugly fleecy blankets. I'm a person who always feels the cold so I usually have a pair of gloves and a woolly hat to hand, and don't forget those think thermal socks too!

2) Take a potty
Trekking out in the middle of the night because Millie needs the toilet is no fun. Trekking back just to find that Callie now needs to go too is just really not funny. We take a make-shift travel potty made up of a small peddle-bin liner placed over a potty, lined with thick cheep maternity pads (think 10 for 20p). When the kids have finished we tie up the bin liner and place it in a nappy sack ready to put in the bin in the morning. Job done! I also like to believe that the less we unzip the tent at night the warmer we all stay!

3) Buy the comfiest chairs
Somewhere comfortable to sit can transform a camping trip, especially with young children. A comfortable place to feed a baby, nurse a hurt knee or sit and relax for a few moments once the kids have gone to sleep is essential. A few weeks ago, on our last camping trip, our chairs broke. I am gutted, but am on the look out for new ones in time for our next camping trip later in the month.

4) A dustpan and brush can save a marriage
I am very tent proud, I like my tent to stay tidy and grass and leaf free, especially as I have a toddling toddler who likes to pick up every thing and eat it. That's not so easy when you are camping in the middle of a field! I love my little dustpan and brush and we have a little morning routine down where I send out the kids to play with Adam while I sweep out the tent. I find it really therapeutic sweeping out all my frustrations, the dustpan and brush definitely contribute to our marital harmony while we are camping.

5) Have a couple of Thermos mugs
I bought these on a whim one particularly cold August and they have been an absolutely essential part of our kit since. A hot drink in the morning to warm us up while the sun warms up the tent and a hot drink in the evening to warm us up before we snuggle down in bed is just perfect.

My bonus tip is to invest in a good tent. The tent we now have is a totally enclosed 8 man pod tent, complete with a carpet, that's big enough to stand in and with a large space where the girls can play when its raining outside (we also have a separate kitchen tent). This is a major factor in why we now enjoy camping. A large pod tent isn't for everyone, some people prefer a tunnel tent, bell tent, tepee or trailer tent. Do your research and whichever one you choose, make sure you invest in the best one your money can buy.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Last minute fathers day plans and a cute little bookmark

Every year I leave fathers day to the last minute, in fact 2 years ago I was here writing almost the very same words! I'm not yet sure what we're going to do for fathers day, but all day I have been scouring Pinterest in the hope that I might be struck with inspiration.

A few years ago I asked Millie some questions all about Daddy, which was really fun, I was too overwhelmed by the newborn stage last year to remember to do it, so this year, (particularly as the girls have destroyed it) I think I'll upgrade it adding some answers from Callie too. These are so much fun to do and a great way to document how your child feels about their dad year after year. I'm also really excited about doing it this year as I have a laminater so can make one that will stand the test of 3 toddlers!

If you wanted to try making a book mark like we did (and are going to upgrade), I asked Millie to finish off the following sentences, you can make up your own or use ours.

- My daddy is funny because...
- My daddy thinks I'm funny because...
- My daddy is {how old?}
- My daddy's favourite thing to do is...
- My daddy's favourite colour is...
- When my daddy goes to work her does ...
- My Daddy's favourite food is ...
- My daddy loves me because ...
- My daddy always talks about...
- I love my daddy because...

I also really love these matching father and son t-shirt's from Mothercare, I just know that Adam would just love to dress the same as his son, just maybe not in public! And I'm loving this Sharpie scribble mug from the 'I heart arts and craft' blog, I love the idea of all the kids having a go at creating some art work they can all be proud of together that's also very practical.

My fall back has also been a few bottles of root beer and a decent pick a mix, it's Adams favourite and always puts a smile on his face. Although now I've written this post, and no doubt he'll have read it,  I'm going to have to come up with some new ideas!

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