Friday, 27 January 2012

Wow doesnt time just fly!

So much has happened since I last posted here, I'm not even sure where to start!

We moved house and are now living in South Littleton, just outside of Evesham. We are surrounded by horses, cows, chickens and not forgetting a maximum security prison!

The house was a little run down when we first moved in almost 10 months ago and we are slowly doing it up, there really is a lot to do as it was very very unloved.

We have decorated our bedroom we've had to re plaster the walls as it was falling off and shockingly when we stripped the wall paper off we found a 6 inch round hole inside was a live wire they had just wall papered over. The common sense some people have just shocks me sometimes.

The monsters room has also had life breathed back into it, we took out some fitted wardrobes and stripped off mouldy wallpaper and lifted stained carpets. We painted it pink with some purple hand prints on the boarder.

The bathroom was falling apart so we've had to strip it out and start again. We've changed the granny flowery tiles and rusting mirrors for clean white and lime green tiles. Not every ones taste, but I think it looks nice.

We've also had to make a start on the garden as there was a big pond in the middle so not really suitable for the monster. Were hoping to have it finished by the summer, although things are a bout to get a whole lot busier around here!

In just a few weeks time Baby Bunting mark 2 will be arriving, we are very excited and I am so fed up of this pregnancy I just want her out NOW!

However another (complicated) pregnancy has meant that my business has had to take a back seat for a while. I'm now on maternity leave until the end of September and will decide then what I'm going to do, but with no firm diagnosis, no idea of what is going on with me and 2 babies to look after I'm guessing that Leoni's Cakes will be out of business for a while yet. I am really sad about this as I love creating the cakes, but I am excited to face new challanges as my family grows.


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