Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My New Baby Bunting

After being promised by the world and his wife she was going to be early and being in early stages of labour for 9 WEEKS I waddled into my 40+3 midwife appointment and practically begged for a sweep. I told her I'd been having regular twinges on and off all night, I was sick of this early labour thing and just wanted the baby out. The midwife agreed but warned that if the baby wasn't ready, it wasn't ready and nothing was going to bring on labour.

To my amazement those twinges had actually moved me on quite considerably and suddenly I was 5cm. As I left that appointment I was walking on air and ignored the twinges that were getting stronger and stronger. This pregnancy was well on its way to being over, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, she was on her way and I wasn't going to be pregnant any more (have I mentioned how much I hate pregnancy?)

On the way home I phoned my dad and asked him to come and get the monster I then realised I had run out of milk for her and needed to make a quick stop at Boots. Those little twinges had ramped up a gear and walking round Boots was hard work, by the time we got home 45 minutes later the niggley twinges were full on ow ow ow it really hurts I'm in labour contractions.

I was progressing really quick then at 5pm things almost stopped. I was told it was normal and fine and it may just be a long labour. It was during this time I started to think something was wrong, although I didn't say anything, I could just feel something wasn't right.

Finally I was fully dilated but her head was so high I had to wait a long time before I was allowed to push, they were hoping she would move down, but after a couple of hours she hadn't moved  It was during this waiting time I started to say there was something wrong, things just didn't feel right, but I was promised by the midwife everything was fine and all was going well and I shouldn't worry, I was being paranoid and it really was all fine.

When I started pushing I suddenly started to panic, I knew something was wrong, it didn't feel right and after 20 minutes and the midwife's talking about intervention as she wasn't moving. suddenly she moved, her head came out, and the midwives panicked  The next few hours were a blur for me, I don't have much memory of, I lost quite a bit of blood and there were a lot of alarms going off, many people in the room and quite a bit of shouting. I lost conciousness at one point, but thankfully after a few hours recovery both myself and Baby Girl were doing well.

She was a big baby, no one had realised as my measurements had all been fine. She weighed a shocking 10lb 9oz. I remember being so completely shocked at her weight, calling my mum before I went on to the ward and all I could say was she's 10lb 9oz!
Baby Girl at 10 days old
We named her Calliope, which means beautiful in Greek.


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