Friday, 11 May 2012

The cutted up pear

When the monster was a very young baby I was reading a parenting website, a mother had posted about how her little girl was tantruming because after asking for a cutted up pear she had the cheek to actually give her one! At the time it was just a really funny story that made me laugh while my perfect baby was sleeping peacefully next to me in her Moses basket. I went on to read what other parents had the audacity to do to their children, like feed them, read the book or sing the song the child had asked for.

Now I have a daughter the same age its a memory I cling to on a daily basis. I've found parenting a toddler can be quite lonely, she's too big for the lovely baby groups we once attended, too small for the rough groups she now falls into. I live in constant fear of a melt down and those disapproving looks and tuts other adults give (the adults who have obviously never had small children).

The memory of the cutted up pear makes me smile as I remember there are hundreds and thousands of parents going through exactly the same as me, dealing with tantrums over what to me seems like silly things but are clearly very important to our kids. There are hundreds and thousands of parents all over the world who are feeling like I am right now
So far today's tantrums have been because
- she wanted to sit on my lap
- she didn't want to sit on my lap
- she wanted toast instead of cheerios for breakfast
- she didn't want toast
- I wouldn't let her have Baby Girls dummy
- she didn't want to wear what I was trying to dress her in

She is currently having another tantrum and I have no idea why! But at least I know, I am not alone.


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