Tuesday, 29 May 2012

House hunting

Yesterday, we went to Weston-super-mare to look at houses. It was beautifully sunny for the drive down and the girls were very very good in the car.

Some of the first houses were a bit of a disappointment, but we had one enthusiastic estate agent who was really good at putting a positive spin on EVERYTHING! Garden the size of a postage stamp? Just think of how much gardening you wont have to do! A dark unusable kitchen? There are 2 Chinese takeaways just a short walk away!

It was the final house we went to look at that was the most...interesting!
It was in need of some major redecoration which wasn't too much of a problem as the kitchen and bathroom were both newly fitted. Then we went in to the master bedroom. On one of the walls there was a half height glass door with some sort of plastic curtain covering the rest. Thinking that was a little odd I pulled it back. It was a shower!? Where a fitted wardrobe would have been there was a shower. I asked the estate agent about it (a different non enthusiastic, not actually interested in selling the property estate agent) and he said quite casually, it used to be used a shower. Used to? Used to would suggest its not any more, there was a shower head, a tray and a curtain, and running water, there was no 'used to' about it!

I think its safe to say we didn't find our new house yesterday.


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