Thursday, 17 May 2012

For my baby brother

I thought it would be a few more years yet until I was told I was embarrassing. I fully expect to hear it from my girls during their pre-teen and teen years. Little did I expect to hear it from my little brother!
To understand why I'm such an embarrassment to him, you firstly need to know a little more about my family.
Growing up there always seemed to be children everywhere. First is my older sister who is now 26, married and a mother of 2 , Then comes myself followed by my 2 younger brothers who are now 21 and 22 the older is about to marry a very lovely lady and the younger is currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (read more about my beliefs here and the work my brother is doing here)
My parents also fostered children and often fostered 2 at a time. These children were varying in ages and as my parents mainly did short term care we had a steady stream of children coming and going. When my mum stopped fostering she started child-minding, so there were often 3 or 4 extra children around when we arrived home from school.
With this in mind it really shouldn't have come as a surprise when my mum announced she was pregnant when I was 19. And it really didn't come as a surprise when 3 years later she announced she was pregnant again.
These children are Little Bro who is 5, and Little Sis who is 2. (The really savvy among you will have realised my baby sister is only 5 months older than my monster, which does in fact mean I was pregnant at the same time as my mum!)
I love the relationship I have with Little Bro and Little Sis and I love the relationship my girls have with their aunt and uncle.
The reason I embarrass my baby brother so much is not because of the way I look, the clothes I wear or the way I talk, things I expect, in time, will embarrass my girls. Nope, the reason I embarrass my baby brother is because I am 'grown up' (although I feel that’s debatable!)
Well I am very sorry baby brother, it’s not something I can or want to change. I love our crazy mixed up family and in time I know you will love it too!


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