Thursday, 31 May 2012


When I had the monster I never realised just how quickly she would want independence and from an early age she has tantrummed over the clothes she wears.

When I worked on the children’s department in Next I would watch parents come in and let their 1 and 2 year old's choose their own clothes, if a child said no they would put back the dress or jeans and go around the whole shop until the child said yes. It seemed like a very silly drawn out process I would always think, seriously?! You are giving your child that much freedom? She is just a baby; surely she should wear what you tell her to.
How wrong was I! Having a 19 month old has opened my eyes to how independent children can and want to be. I have strict clothing guidelines in my house and fully support the Mumsnet Let Girls Be Girl's campaign. I won’t let either of my girls wear anything too adult or revelling. Even at their young ages I choose the longer skirts and shorts and the tops with sleeves. I tend to think if they get used to it now it will be learnt behaviour in 5 or 6 years’ time. (Or at least that’s what I hope!) So I still choose the clothes I buy for her, she doesn’t have much of a say unless I really can’t decide between 2 outfits. But within those boundaries she gets to choose what she wears everyday.
This morning however I had to draw the line when she came in wearing her pj's, a jumper and a cardigan. The sun is already out and the sky is blue, the tantrum that started at 7.30 is still going strong because I made her change!


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