Thursday, 10 May 2012

Moving house...again?

Many people have asked if we're moving and why, so I thought I'd explain here.

We moved into this house just over a year ago. When we bought it we loved it and we intended to stay for many years.

The problem is life, sometimes life throws you curve balls. we weren't expecting our Baby Girl to come along quite just yet and we weren't expecting for me to be diagnosed with CFS, an untreatable condition. Whilst we are very grateful to all our lovely friends who have helped out whilst I was pregnant and have helped with the girls on my worst days, we feel its unfair to keep relying on these friends.

So yes we are moving, the house will be going on the market very soon, we are just waiting for The Husbands big boss to agree to transfer him to the Bristol office and if all goes to plan we will hopefully be living in Weston-Super-Mare by Christmas.

We will be really sad to say goodbye to those great friends that we've made, but we need to do this for the sanity of everyone in our family!


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