Sunday, 20 May 2012

Piles of stuff...

"Great, I'll see you Wednesday" I said to our new estate agent...Then I looked around me!

Since having Callie I've let the house slide a little bit. Everywhere is clean (ok cleanish) but piles have been developing; piles of paperwork, piles of laundry, a pile of washing that needs to be ironed, piles of toys. I'm sure you get the picture. But the worst 'room' in the house has to be the garden, it looks unloved and unkempt. There are piles to be taken to the dump, piles to be put on free cycle and piles yet to be sorted. The grass is of Jungle proportions and in desperate need of a cut. I haven't been able to let millie out there by herself for fear she might start playing with the bricks and break something, or even herself!

I came up with a plan of action (which is really just a posh name for a list!). We would do a couple of the worst rooms saturday afternoon, then I would see if a friend could come over on monday to help look after the girls so I could blitz the house ready for it to be photographed.

Adam loaded up the car with the rubble, paving slabs and weeds and trotted off to the dump while I fed the girls and got them ready for an afternoon making the garden look lovely. What neither of us counted on was a monster who had come to like the way the garden looked!

Our jungle of a garden

Adam starting to tame it

The monster was very, very concerned. She didn't like what was going on!

She wouldn't take her eyes off adam for a second, she needed to know exactly what he was doing!

The monkey supervising from her swing

"No, No, No, Not. NOOOOOOOOOAAARRRRGGGGHHH." Which roughly translates into, don't cut the grass, I like it!

Ta da! ok, so its not perfect, but its as close as were going to get!
The Kitchen has also been scrubbed, cleaned and cleared to within an inch of its life, its almost unrecognisable. Now just the rest of the house to do, hopefully all my hard work will pay off and we will sell soon.


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