Wednesday, 9 May 2012

When the routine goes wrong

In our house a routine is so important, not only because it allows me to spend quality time with each child and have a tidy(ish) home (ish because i still have 2 under 2!), it also helped keep my CFS in check.

The ideal morning routine in our house is fairly simple and works really effectively. Everyone is up at 6am, I get the girls dressed while Adam showers then at 6.30 I jump in the shower by 7 everyone is dressed we have breakfast together, Adam then leaves for work at 7.30, the monkey has a nap and I get 30 minutes to whiz around putting washing in the machine and tidying the most important bits before spending time with the monster.

This morning was another failure before we even got up! Adam had to leave at 6.30 (not unusual and doable) the monkey woke up at 5, which meant she wanted feeding earlier, I couldn't shower before the husband left and I woke up feeling the worst I have in a long time. So at 7 I was quite stressed, everywhere was aching and I felt like I hadn't slept for a week, the monkey was the only one dressed and we needed to go out at 9am.

I had been telling the monster we really needed to get dressed when she ran off and came back 10 minutes later wearing her pjs and her a dressing gown she had also put on and a winter hat she had found and told me she was 'all dress'. Its moments like those I love being a mum to a toddler.


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