Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sisters, Sisters...

When the monkey came along, we fully expected the monster to be full of jealousy. But almost 4 months on we are constantly surprised at her tolerance, patience and kindness she shows towards her sister. Obviously she has her moments where she wants mummy, and will cry and shout because I'm feeding or changing a nappy, after all she is only 18 months and not perfect!

As I type this the monkey has been crying since 7am, I am ready to tear my hair out, she won't eat, won't sleep and can't be comforted. The monster however, is being very patient with her. She has bought me her swing and turned the music on, something which usually calms her. She's also bought me a bottle (an old one, but the thought was there!) Tried to give her her own banana and cup, asked to cuddle her. She's also been upstairs and brought me 'nunnie' (the monkeys cuddly toy she sleeps with).

She loves her sister so much, she's always trying to help out with feeding, winding and nappy changing. She loves playing with her and can usually make her laugh when no one else can. Its so lovely to watch the relationship they have. I hope as they grow up their bond strengthens and they grow up being more than just sisters but friends who will always turn to each other for help and advice.


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