Saturday, 19 May 2012

So, a seizure?

Yesterday started off as any normal day, we got up, got dressed, had breakfast, waved The Husband off to work, tidied around, had some fun, went to the Dr surgery for some blood tests...but that's where normality ended and I entered one of the most surreal terrifying experiences of my life so far.

I put Big Girl down for a nap and as Baby Girl was also tired I led down with her on my bed and we both fell asleep. Around 30ish minutes later I heard an awful noise, I couldn't open my eyes or move my arms, I slowly realised my teeth were clenched and the noise was them chattering. It then slowly dawned on me my whole body was shaking uncontrollably. It seemed to go on forever, in reality I think it was around a minute, I couldn't move and I couldn't stop it.

Finally I was able to open my eyes and I looked around me, I was in a strange room I didnt recognise and had no idea were Big Girl was. I was really scared when I realised there was a baby also led on the bed and I had no idea who she was.

Slowly everything started coming back and after about 5 minutes I knew who I was, who my children were and where I was, but I was still very confused and dazed. I realized things weren't quite right and I needed help so phoned my mum first but she wasnt there. I had a rather surreal conversation with my brother who suggested I ring the dr.

The receptionist was really nice and very helpful, she went and got a dr to speak to me there and then. I was told not to drive and to go straight to the sugery, I phoned some lovely friends who came to watch the girls and take me in.

When I got to the surgery I knew where I was, who I was and who I was with but I didn't know the alphabet or how to count to 10. I knew I knew it, but just couldn't remember. After much discussion and consultation with the hospital it was decided I wasn't allowed to drive but I was fine to go home I just needed to go to hospital if it happened again or if I got any worse.

When The Husband arrived home I thought I was practically back to normal, but apparently not! I was talking but he didn't understand what I was saying, and what he could understand wasn't what I was saying. He decided I needed to be seen at the hospital, by the time we got there almost 7 hours after the seizure I was almost completely back to normal. I was kept in for a few hours of observation as they could tell something was wrong, but unable to find a cause of the seizure I was booked in for a few tests and sent home to rest.

Its terrifying to think what could have happened and I was led on the bed next to Baby Girl, and I never imagined it possible to actually forget who your children are, for any reason.

I am told there is no reason I will have another, however they havent yet been able to find a reason for this one either so they've also said it could happen again

I am hoping and praying its the first and last time I experience anything like this and in our minds has cemented the reasons we need to move.

Now where's that estate agents phone number!


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