Tuesday, 22 May 2012

While I was feeding Baby Girl...

When Adam get home from work, he looks around at the chaos and says what happened here? Almost always the response starts with "Well, while I was feeding Baby Girl..." so I wanted to record some of the stories we tell The Husband about our day!

While I was feeding the monkey the monster decided to go exploring. She found the cupboard under the stairs and bought me all the tins of baby milk (there are around 15) she then bought me all the packets of Gaviscon (again about 15 boxes) before deciding she didn't like the boxes so emptied out all the individual packets on the floor (15 packets per box) the mess you see in front of you is the result. Maybe we should think about putting a lock on the door?

While I was feeding Baby Girl, Big Girl decided she didn't want to stay in our bedroom, she mastered opening doors by opening our door then the bathroom door. She obviously decided the toilet roll and the hand towel looked better down the toilet! Now she can open doors, how am I going to stop her doing that?

While I was feeding Baby Girl, Big Girl decided to go exploring. I heard a crash followed by a bang then a clang. Followed by yet more crashes and bangs. I can only assume she got bored of her downstairs toys and wanted to bring more down as I found her dolls pushchair, Amazing animals and an assortment of books sat at the bottom of the stairs. Do you think we should put the stair gates back up?

While I was feeding Baby Girl I heard a scream. I ran upstairs to find Big Girl had managed to open our bedside tables, she then emptied them all over the floor. The scream was her opening the top (like an old fashioned desk) and it falling back down on her. We really should put the stair gates back up

While I was feeding Baby Girl, Big Girl worked out how to turn the swing music on and I've been sat here listening to that annoying noise ever since.

While I was feeding Baby girl, Big Girl opened the cereal cupboard, she took all the boxes out them emptied them all over the kitchen floor. The cupboard locks are in the drawer!

She almost always manages to pick her moment so its just before I have someone coming round or The Husband gets home!


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