Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Why is it so hard to speak to a Dr?

At the moment the moment there are 2 groups of people I really really dislike.  The first are health visitors, and I am sure that in the not too distant future my health visitor will pop up and offer her wisdom and you will find out all about why I dislike health visitors, but for now I am going to focus on the second. Doctor's surgeries.

Yesterday morning I rang the surgery and the following conversation ensued

"Hi, can I speak to a Dr please"
"Hi Mrs bunting"

Yes that's right, the receptionist knows me from the sound of my voice

"is it an emergency?" She asks "As you know we only deal with emergencies on a Monday."

I took a few seconds to think about this, what constitutes an emergency? My limbs were all intact, I was conscious and breathing, there was no blood or burns. So I said,

"No its not an emergency, emergency. But I do need to speak to a Dr soon"
"No problem Mrs bunting," came the reply "we can fit you in, in 2 weeks."

2 weeks. 2 WEEKS. In that time I'll either be better or dead!

"Have you got anything alittle sooner?" I say.
"No sorry, but you are welcome to ring up tomorrow and see if the Dr can phone you then."

So this morning I ring again

"Hi, can I speak to a Dr?"
"No problem Mrs bunting"

A different receptionist but she still knows my name, definitely spend too much time there! They take some details then ask

"And what's the problem?"

I hate this question, I have no idea how to answer it so today I decided to go with a vague

'Women's health problems"
"I'm sorry Mrs bunting" came the reply, "we're going to need alittle more detail so the Dr knows exactly why she's ringing."

Well if is detail they want! I then spend 2 minutes explaining the problem starting with an operation in 2008 and more or less ending with the monkeys birth in 2012.

"We'll put that down as women's health problems then shall we?"

Gah, so she was just being nosey then. I ended the phone call went about my everyday business waiting for the phone to ring. Then at 10am I suddenly remember the monster had a (quite frankly, pointless) Dr appointment at 10.30. I threw the girls in the car made sure we had everything and got there just in time. After the appointment I thought I should just check I hadn't missed my call back. It was the first receptionist again.

"Ahh yes Mrs bunting, the Dr is just on the phone talking to you now"

Quite clearly, if I am stood here talking to you, I am not on the phone talking to the Dr!

"Oh no! Can I see the Dr now instead"
"We can't do that, we can offer you another call back, the list is very long tho, so you may need to call back tomorrow. Can I just ask what the problem is"
"Its just women's health problems"
"We need a little more detail Mrs bunting so the Dr knows why she is ringing"

The sound you just heard was the sound of my head hitting the desk. Who knows if I will actually get to speak to a Dr today, or if intact I should have booked the appointment for 2 weeks time,as right now that's looking like the quicker option!


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