Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The adventures of Dkey and Nunnie

Today is the day Dkey and Nunnie (thats monkey and bunny to you and me!) visit the magical place that makes them all clean. Yes today is the day the girls comforters go in the washing machine. It only happens around once a month, but when it does its like the monsters whole world has ended.

I tried so hard to prepare her, I explained that Dkey needed a wash, he was going to have a bath and be all clean. She got quite excited at the thought of Dkey having a bath, but the reality was too much for her!

So like any good parent, I tried to comfort her at this obviously difficult time. and when that didn't work, I got the camera out.

First she tried to run away with both Dkey and Nunnie

And back out Dkey came, this went on until the machiene was filled with washing

They were in and the door was closed

The monster really wasn't happy with this! at least they are both in the dryer now and wont need to be washed again until next month...


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