Saturday, 2 June 2012

Camping. Why?

Growing up I loved camping I would go with my parents every year. Often it would rain and was cold, but it was fun and some of my favourite family memories were made on the coldest, rainiest, camping trips.

Last year whilst pregnant with the monkey and feeling nostalgic I agreed to go camping with my family again. In previous years my parents and siblings would camp but The Husband and I would be all cozy in a static caravan on the same site. Just before we went on our early September week long camping trip (why oh why oh why!) We decided to do a 'trial run' during the bank holiday weekend in august. It was cold, wet I was pregnant and uncomfortable and there was a river running through our borrowed tent. It was too late to back out of the second trip and I was not looking forward to it!

In a desperate attempt to make the second trip more bearable we rushed out and bought a tent, but not just any tent, oh no. This tent had a carpet, blacked out bedroom pods and the ground sheet was sewn in (so no more uncomfortable draughts.) It did make it much more comfortable and for some crazy reason, i agreed to go again this year!

The car is (almost) packed up and we are off to Devon for a 6 night camping trip. Why did I think this was a good idea?


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