Saturday, 30 June 2012

Food shopping with the girls...Why?

Since the monkey was born I've only ever been to the supermarket to do a weekly shop a handful of times.
After the first I said NEVER again, from now on I will shop online. And I did, until she was around 2 months old when I thought, it really couldn't have been that bad! I'll give it another go. After that shopping trip I thought NEVER again. And I didn't until yesterday!

With Adam being off work this week, I have been enjoying the freedom of saying, right lets go out. So when it was time to do the weekly shop online, I thought, really was shopping with the girls that bad? We'll try it again.

I left the supermarket thinking NEVER again. When will I learn? Food shopping with a baby and toddler is not fun, its not easy and it's anything but quick!

It started out ok with the girls sat in the trolly talking to each other, quite sweet really. But it soon descended in to chaos as the monster decided she didn't want to be in the trolley anymore and the monkey was tired and did not want to be in the supermarket.

So please next time I even think about doing anything but online shopping for the weekly shop please remind me, its not a good idea and I really dont EVER want to do it again!

Of course the irony is because it was so difficult yesterday, I forgot a few things, so off we go to Tesco again today.


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