Friday, 1 June 2012

She rolled, the monkey rolled!

To some it may seem silly to get so excited about your second child rolling for the first time. But its not just the roll. its what it symbolises, what it means and it shows me just how far the monkey has come.

For the first 10 weeks of her life the monkey was in a lot of pain. She had reflux, colic and a milk intolerance. She screamed and screamed. It seemed relentless and like it would never stop. When she did finally sleep it was out of exhaustion and if I dared put her down she instantly woke up and was back to screaming. She was not a happy baby, a friend of mine looked after her for a short time during this period and said 'I just don't know what to do with her'. I thought, no neither do I. She constantly needed my reassurance, and who wouldn't?  You wouldn't expect an adult to put up with being in constant pain, so why a new baby who hadn't been on earth that long. I'm sure she was scared and confused

When my antenatal friends were updating their Facebook telling of how their little cherubs were smiling, cooing and laughing my monkey was just screaming a high pitched scream that made me want to cry along with her. She rarely smiled and cooing was unheard of. They went on to post about reaching and grabbing, tummy time and rolling. I could barely put the monkey down long enough to change the monsters nappy let alone give her tummy time!

By 12 weeks I managed to get her seen by a pead and on some proper medication, it took 2 more weeks to get the dose right and for her to settle down properly.

By this time she wasn't reaching and grabbing, she wasn't interested in toys, didn't really follow them with her eyes and I started to get worried. The health visitor didn't help by telling me she was behind and then the pead started talking about a development delay. Tummy time seemed pointless it just made her cry and I'd had enough of that!  I just wanted to keep her happy. I decided to persevere with the reaching and grabbing and was so happy when this past week she took the toy off me rather than just stare at it. Finally my baby girl might just be starting to catch up.

Yesterday I gave her tummy time and rather than try and roll she tried to crawl, and actually managed a few inches before deciding she didn't want to be on her tummy any more. I'd almost given up hope of her rolling any time soon, so at 5.15 this morning I was shocked, surprised and elated when she decided to roll from her front to her back. She was so pleased with herself, and I am so proud of her that at 5.30 in the morning I had to come and tell the world. My clever baby girl is catching up.


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