Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sleep deprivation

While we were camping my sister was feeling a little worse for wear, she decided to share her germs and passed them on to us. (ok, I'm being very unfair, she just had a slight cold but I can still blamer her cant I? Thats what sisters are for ;)) I've had what feels like tonsillitis but is probably more a sore throat with a bad colad, both girls have had colds and The Husband, well he's just been a man!

Unlike some children who sleep when they are ill, mine just don't. The monster will actively fight sleep, shaking herself awake every time her eyes dare to close. Most nights this week she has been up to 12 or 1am, she’s been so tired she doesn't have the energy to even walk across the room, yet she will not give in to that lovely, wonderful, state called sleep that The Husband and I crave!

The monkey on the other hand does sleep, but only while being held, and, as it’s impractical with a toddler running around to carry a baby all day, she’s been getting angry and over tired.

Our nights have consisted of being up till 12am, being woken at 3am being up till around 4am then being woken up at 5am and not being allowed to sleep till 1am the following night.

Please when will this get better? I just want to sleep!


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