Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Resorting to Bribery

My monster has gorgeous blond curly hair; it’s the kind of hair I've always wanted! But in a typical toddler fashion she hates having anything done to it, including brushing it!

Recently I've been neglecting her beautiful hair, maybe it’s the shouts of 'no mum, no mum, no, no, no, mummieeeeeeee' if I even as much as glance at it. Whatever the reason the truth is this morning when she woke up it was a matted, knotted tangle of mess.

When I suggested to her that I was going to have to brush her hair it was immediately followed by such loud screams you'd be forgiven for thinking I was running at her with a kitchen knife. I really was only holding a bottle of de-tangle spray and a comb.

So faced with this challenge, I did what any caring, self-respecting parent would do. I resorted to bribery! I got out a packet of Haribo gave it to her and went to work de-tangling her hair.

I was expecting her to kick up a little fuss, but she sat very still and allowed me to do it, so long as she had a Haribo in her mouth.

When I was done she looked in the mirror stroked her hair and said 'pretty'. My job was done. Taking the packet of sweets off her...well, you would have thought someone had actually stabbed her!

What are your secrets? How do you untangle your children's long hair? 


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