Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Terrible Twosday

My monster has a lot of tantrums, it started when she was just 4 months old, yes, you did read that correctly, 4 Months old. She would kick her legs, scream the place down and thrash around if I dared put her in her pushchair more than once a day.

Thankfully at 5 and a half months my monkey is yet to have her first tantrum, I’m really not sure I could cope with 2 tantruming children!

Now my monster is 21 months I am very lucky if she has just 3 tantrums a day. She will tantrum if I try and help her get dressed, she will tantrum if I change her nappy, she will tantrum if I make her lunch and she will tantrum if I chose her cup for her (are you noticing a theme here? My monster is VERY independent.)

To continue reading about my strong willed, independent, determined monster pop on over to The Crummy Mummy where I was invited to guest blog in her Terrible Twosday feature. The crummy Mummy has one daughter , bob and does an amazing job raising her (I am often awestruck and jealous at her posts!)

Thank you Crummy Mummy for inviting me.


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