Friday, 14 September 2012

Hello again! Its been a while.

The keen eyes amongst you will have noticed I haven't posted for over a month! I actually cant believe it has been that long. I just needed a little break, and the days turned in to weeks!

Today we came back form a holiday in deepest darkest Wales. We were in a static caravan with my in laws (not in the same caravan I hasten to add). The Girls have spent the whole week being spoilt by their doting grandparents and are now missing them a lot. As we were driving home they turned off to go to home and we continued on and Big Girl shouted 'grandpa, where are you! Come back!' I have a feeling tomorrow may be a difficult day for her, she's gotten used to having her grandpa around and followed him around like she was his Shadow, it may be a bit of a shock to the system to discover he is again 50 miles away from her. The upside is she hasn't once asked for Little sis this week (my sister) and trying to explain Nana, Pops, Little bro and Little Sis are 80 miles away, when all she wants to do is see them is hard.

In other news, we moved Big Girl from her cot into a big girl bed and she's taken to it really well! I'm continually shocked when I put her to bed and she doesn't get out till the morning. Long may it continue! Baby Girl is on yet another milk this time its Aptimil Pepti. I just really hope her diarrhoea calms down soon as I don't have enough clothes (or hours in the day to do washing) for all the poo explosions she's producing!


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