Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I will start with a WARNING, if you are delicate about poo; I suggest you stop reading NOW or at least read on with caution!

When I woke yesterday morning the familiar feeling of dread and fear washed over me as I realised my Baby Girl hadn’t poo'd in 4 days. How could I miss that? 4 DAYS. How hadn’t I realised sooner? For those of you that don’t know, the monkeys milk (Aptimil Pepti) gives her diarrhoea. It’s the only milk that doesn’t give her chronic stomach pain, so I see dealing with the diarrhoea as a fair trade for a happier baby.

I knew the next poo'y nappy wasn’t going to be pretty and sure enough later that afternoon the familiar noise and smell wafted up from her nappy.

I left it 10 minutes thinking she would defiantly be finished. I went to lie her on the changing mat and saw it was coming out the top of her vest, yes that’s right my baby had poo’d up to her neck. I put her in the bath, stripped her off and was shocked to discover she was still going! When she finally finished I hosed her off with the shower, placed her on the changing mat and went to get a towel only to discover there was more! She had poo’d on the changing mat; it had shot off the mat on to the bath mat and ran on to the floor.

By this time she was getting distressed, she wanted a cuddle and reassurance, so wrapping her in a towel I cuddled her and discovered to my delight (note the sarcasm) there was still more poo to come. I mean really, she is 8 months old and tiny, how can one small child store so much poo!

She was hysterical, I'm guessing it was hurting her, but by now she was covered, the bath was covered, the floor was covered and the towel was covered. I stuck her in the sink, washed her off, and stuck a nappy on her as quick as I could manage.

So now the floor, bath mat, sink changing mat, 2 towels, her clothes and the bath were all covered in poo. Ironically the only place that wasn’t covered in poo was the toilet!

Cleaning up that did not appeal so I did the only sensible thing I could think of, closed the door and waited for The Husband to get home! I think he really appreciated the thought.

Like butter wouldnt melt this morning!


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