Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Success (almost)

Some of you know about my difficulties with getting the monkey to sleep. She is so clingy and hates to be put down.

Well in the last few days we've had a small amount of success! She is actually falling asleep by herself in her own cot. Ok so I have to sit next to her shushing and patting, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It only works when she is really tired and it takes about 15 - 30 minutes and she sleeps for around an hour. So I think that's almost a success!

I’ve been wondering why does no parenting book (that I've come across anyway) talk about the other children? Every parenting book is different, all have great ideas on how to wean, feed, bath, get the baby to sleep, perfect routines etc. But no book talks about what to do and how to deal with the other children.

Yes there are those that cover telling the baby's siblings you’re pregnant, introducing the baby and even how to answer all those awkward questions that come up. But I would like to read a parenting book from a real parent who has been there, done that, faced many challenges and is surviving with more than 1 child.

Surely there are many people in the world with 2+ children, please tell me I'm not the only crazy person to have had a baby and toddler at the same time?

So why aren't these parents writing books on how to get the baby to sleep without waking the toddler? How to wean without making the toddler jealous? How to bath a wriggly new-born and toddler without drowning either child? How to potty train whilst feeding? How to stretch yourself thin, juggle 2 children's needs and not feel like a terrible person?

I've just realised all the people that know the answers to these questions are, like me, just too busy! It's a shame; it’s a book I would undoubtedly read.


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