Thursday, 29 November 2012

Boxes, boxes, everywhere!

Just because I haven't yet told you, we sold our house! I am currently packing and sorting.

Everywhere I turn at the moment there is another stack of boxes!

I will be so glad once this move is over, its most definitely going to be the last for a very long time. For some reason this time, I'm finding the packing emotionally draining especially when it comes to the girls stuff. Working out what we're keeping and what were getting rid of, so much of it has memories I just want to hold onto. I think secretly I'm a horder! I've resorted to taking photos of the things I really want to keep, photos take up less space.

Things like this babygrow and hat set, I bought it when I was pregnant for the very first time. We were in france and although I knew at that point I was going to loose the baby, I just wanted some thing to remember him by. Its been worn by both of my girls and every time I look at it I remember that pregnancy and all the rest since. I really dont think I'm ready to part with it just yet!

This bathroom on the other hand is something we really cant take with us! Its adams pride and joy. He did it by himself and not being a practical man he was really pleased with the way it turned out. He is also completely blind to the flaws that annoy me every day!

What would you be happy to get rid of or be sad to leave behind?


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