Saturday, 1 December 2012

It's Christmas!!

The 1st of December officially marks the start of Christmas in our house.

It’s the day we get out the decorations, switch over to using our Christmas plates and cups, put out the advent calendars, put Christmas music in all the cd players, replace the bed time stories with Christmas stories and start watching Christmas dvd's. The 1st of December is a very exciting day in our house!

Closely followed by the 1st Monday in December, on this day our tree goes up, our beautiful twinkly classically decorated Christmas tree. Simple white twinkling fairy lights are put up outside and evenings are filled with the scent of gorgeous Christmassy candles.

I love all things Christmassy, no matter how tacky (much to Adam's disgust!) I love this time of year when everyone is just so much nicer to each other and people remember what manners are. Maybe it goes back to the days of working in retail and despite the horrendous queues and hoards of people who could barely move, customers always had a smile and a merry Christmas at the end of a transaction.

But this year is different.

Today I am not getting out my Christmas plates and stories. I'm not checking over the tree ornaments to decide what is being kept and what needs to be replaced. Today I am still boxing up all our belongings. Taking Car loads to the dump, photographing what we want to remember and sorting charity bags.

Today doesn’t feel Christmassy in our house. The worst part of it was hearing yesterday that our move may not happen until after Christmas. AFTER CHRISTMAS? When do I give up hope of moving in 2012 and turn our house into a Christmas haven?

I'm not giving up hope just yet


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