Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Why do you blog?

I've never joined in a blog prompt before but this question posed by the lovely Dilly Tante got me thinking, why do you blog?

I started blogging back in early 2009 I'd recently had an operation to improve my chances of getting pregnant and I found out I was expecting. I was feeling very scared and vulnerable and unsure of what would happen. I later went on to miscarry that baby, just another in a long line of miscarriages. Back then it was just for me, I had (and still do) a completely private blog that is only open to me, I guess it’s more of an on-line journal. When I seemingly take a break from blogging here, I can sometimes be found over there letting all those negative emotions out, the emotions that I don’t want in the public domain. So blogging isn’t new to me, blogging for the general public, that’s new. Dilly posed some interesting questions about why someone would blog.

Why do you blog?
There are so many reasons why I blog, it’s almost impossible to know where to start. It’s as much of a journal as anything, a way to remember what’s happened in my life and my children’s lives. I often read back old posts and think 'wow, I completely forgot about that' or 'did that really happen?' I have 1 rule with my blogging, I can’t edit posts, once they've been published (Although saying that I have deleted some early posts) even if I read them back and think 'I could explain myself so much better now'.

That’s another reason I blog, to improve my writing, spelling and grammar. Let’s face it there are more than a few mistakes here and when I started I really struggled to get my point across, but I've persevered and I think I'm doing a better job than I did back in 2009. In blogging, I have discovered a love of writing I never thought I'd have.

It’s also a way of letting my emotions out; I'm discovering I'm a very emotionally closed person. I don’t talk about how I feel; I deal in facts not feelings, so this is a way of working out how I feel about certain things, writing until I can’t write anymore. There are days I end up in a very dark place, and I have 2 options I either clean my way out of it, (and I mean a deep clean pulling back the kick boards in the kitchen and mopping behind there) or I can write my way out of it and some days I do both! Those posts aren’t always fit for public eyes though.

What do you get from it?
It’s my space, and no one can take it away from me. I can do what I like here and no one else has any jurisdiction. I've found new friends (and enemy’s! ;)) people who think the same and people who challenge my way of thinking. I get great pleasure from others reading what I write and enjoying it, for a small period in time I feel important and I love that feeling.

Is it trivial and is that ok sometimes?
Everything I write is trivial! If you think it’s too trivial than don’t read it, like I said this is my space to do as I please.

Why should people be interested in what you write?
They really shouldn't! I am constantly amazed when people are.

Do you care if they are not?
Nope, if you're not interested don't read, I don't care! What does bother me are nasty comments from people who think my blog is boring or self-absorbed (well duh, that’s what a blog is!). No one is forcing you to read, if it’s boring, just stop!

If you blog just for you why do it publicly?
Good question, I never meant to. Like I said when I started it was on a completely closed, hidden and secret blog. When I started this blog (mainly to get away from the negativity of my original blog) I forgot to make it secret and strangers started reading, at first I was nervous, but then after a couple of encouraging e-mails and nice comments I gained confidence, I started posting to Facebook and friends started reading, I joined a couple of blogging networks and more people started reading and enjoying what I was writing. Apart from the odd sarcastic comment from a friend or two, everyone who’s read has been quite positive. So until I decide I've had enough, I will continue to post in the public domain.

What value do you think you are adding to the world by blogging?
I don’t think about it like that, I don’t think my blog adds 'value to the world' it’s purely for my benefit and if others enjoy reading, then that’s great.

Do you feel defensive about blogging?
I think I am, like I've said up there, I've had the odd negative and sarcastic comment, and they hurt more than people may realise. I don’t think some people understand the cathartic benefits to writing, and especially the vulnerability in posting your feelings on the World Wide Web. I guess you could ask, 'well, why do you do it then?' And if you are asking that question now, I suggest you go back to the beginning of this post and start again!

Thank you to Dilly Tante for the blog prompt, it’s been an interesting experience delving into the reasons I blog.


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