Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A budding photographer?

On Sunday, while the husband and I were trying to give the office a little bit more organisation rather than the random 'throw it all in and shut the door so you cant see it' system we currently have in place, the monster found my old digital camera.

She asked me how to use it and I figured its never too early to cultivate talents! She took 200+ photo's, most of them had her finger in front of the lens or she forgot to point at what she wanted to take the photo of, but she caught a few really good ones, considering she's 2!

So here is our Sunday from the monsters perspective.

Its so lovely to see her obsessed by the camera, she's really starting to think about what she wants to photograph and starting to set up shots, she doesn't always get them, they aren't always in focus and sometimes her finger covers the lens and she doesn't understand why it hasn't come out perfectly on the screen, but she's got years to perfect her photographic talents.

So what do you think, a photographer in the making? I think she might just be!


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