Tuesday, 5 March 2013


To make my life easier, for breakfast the girls get a piece of fruit, a breakfast bar and some dry cereal,  its usually cheerios. The idea is, its all dry, will make less mess, be easier to clear up and if I'm having a bad day I don't have to clear it up right away, it can stay all over the table or high chair or even the dining  room floor until I am able to clear it all up.

The reasoning behind giving them cheerios rather than weatabix or anything else with milk is sound. The reality, now that's something else!

Every day I am shocked at the mess dry cereal can make and the places it can hide!

I find them in nappies, stuck on feet (really? they don't notice?) and bizarrely even though I now have a strict no food anywhere other than in the dining room rule, in my shower. How do they get there?

After yesterdays post and now this today I'm starting to think my cleaning standards really aren't that high after all! It seems to be a game my children play, how many places can we hide the cheerios, and how long will it take mummy to notice!

Although seeing my monkey balancing a single cheerio on her bum did make me smile on Sunday!


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