Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cutting the monsters nails

My little monster HATES having her nails cut. She will scream, sob and tell me it really, really hurts. We seem to have an endless battle of wills, she needs her nails cut but she just will not tolerate it.

Today she watched me trim, shape, smooth, buff, polish and paint my nails. She admired how pretty they looked and then asked if she could have hers done too. Knowing her nails needed cutting and thinking on my feet, I told her I couldn't paint them unless she let me cut her nails, just like mummy had just done to hers. I could barely believe it when she sat and allowed me to cut and then paint all 20 of her nails. She is now sporting a set of hot pink fingers and shockingly orange toes.

Do your children hate having their toe nails cut as much as the monster? what are you tips and tricks for getting it done? I'd love to hear how others tackle this problem maybe when the time rolls around again I can have another tactic up my sleeve!


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