Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Discovering our new area

Hello, I'm the husband, as my wife is busy making a wedding cake this week she has asked me to guest blog. She also knows I'm an avid walker and as the theme for the gallery this week is walks, its right up my street!

For me walking is about getting back to nature and a more simple life. I work all over the country so spend a lot of time in the car, on trains, or even on planes. The most extreme example has been taking a seven hour trip up to Dundee for half a day's work! In addition, when I get to work, I spend most of my time either sitting in meetings or in front of a computer. As a result, I tend to take any chance that I can to get out of the car and enjoy some time on foot and away from my emails. It probably explains why I enjoy places like Centre Parcs and Bluestone Resort so much.

I should make it clear however that my inclination to walk isn't limited to when I am on holiday though, although that has led to some of the more comical experiences such as telling my family that the 7.5 mile clifftop walk from Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay was a nice pleasant stroll. It turned out that it has been described by other as "a narrow and quite hard going path with lots of small rises and falls as the path goes along the cliff." Little to say that my sister, who less enthusiastic about walking, was far from pleased with me.

At the start of this week, I decided to take the girls and go and explore our new area whilst my wife was out.  As I have driven round over the last few weeks, I had seen quite a few footpaths lading off in various directions, so I chose the nearest one and off we went.  It seemed like the paths I took kept getting less well maintained until they were little better then dirt tracks, something that was made more challenging by the fact that I was pushing our double pushchair.

Just when I was about to accept that I had taken a wrong turn and that I should probably go back, I turned the corner and found my self looking out over a lake (possibly it should be called a pond, but I don't know the technical definitions).  It certainly made for a pleasant surprise and made for a lovely photo.  I'm excited to see what else I can find hidden around the corner now as I continue to explore our new neighbourhood.

Thank you to the wonderful husband for doing this, I am linking up with the lovely Sticky fingers for this weeks photo gallery


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