Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Headless monkey!

Suddenly in the middle of the night, completely out of the blue there was a scream. The sort of scream that makes your heart stop, adrenaline pump and for you to rush over to the person screaming in 3 seconds to see who or what is killing them!

In this case it was the Monster. She was confused, half asleep and distraught, in one hand was her monkeys head in the other the blanket it should have been attached to. She was desperately trying to stick it back together with sheer will power and it just wasn’t happening. 

A few days (al-right maybe it was weeks) ago I noticed monkeys head was coming loose and thought maybe I should repair him, but I just hadn’t gotten round to it, and now here at 1 am was my punishment. I managed to negotiate another teddy into her bed and promised to fix it first thing in the morning, which seemed to make her happy. She went back to sleep, before waking up an hour later asking where monkey was. In the husbands sleep deprived delirious state, he handed the monster back headless monkey. She cuddled in unaware monkey was in fact still headless and went back off to sleep. 

20 minutes later we were woken by another scream of a traumatised child who had had her monkey decapitated not once, but to her it seemed, twice in one night. We had the bright idea of safety pinning it back together, just so we could all go back to sleep. This morning she seemed completely unaware of any problems with monkey, like it had all been thankfully forgotten. But the terrible, awful mother that I am, I have just sent her to bed with it un-repaired.

I'm really hoping that pin doesn’t come loose in the night; I'm not sure her little body will cope with yet another decapitation. I will fix it first thing in the morning...maybe!


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