Friday, 1 March 2013

Just a little rant

ARGHH I need to rant

After moving house I finally managed to register the monkey with the local Dr surgery (which was a hassle in itself and the husband, the monster and myself still aren't registered, but that's a whole other post!) as she needs her milk on prescription, with it being £20 ish for a 400g tin that lasts 2-3 days.

Finally managed to get her a phone call from the Dr to discuss her repeat prescription only to be told, sorry as she's over 12 months the policy in this area is not to prescribe milk. He then went on to tell me that from 6 months babies actually don't need milk, and by 12 months they should be completely weaned off milk and it shouldn't be part of her diet.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that completely against advice? Its certainly against all advice I've read anyway.

What am I meant to give her? she still drinks 2-3 bottles a day and has 2 bottles in the night, I do give her solid food and she does drink water but still needs milk for comfort and nutrition as due to her lip tie (have I blogged about that?) in my opinion she struggles to chew, swollow and just spits most food out.

I'm so annoyed. Luckily she is still under consultant care and I phoned her consultants secretary in Worcester who was shocked at what I had been told and has assured me that she will sort it asap, although Dr Dawson (a lovely Dr by the way!) isn't in till Monday.

I've ordered some tins of milk from Boots and will have to buy them till a prescription comes in. I only hope a prescription is sorted soon as I really don't have £200+ a month to spend on her milk. I really don't know what we will do if it doesn't get sorted. I cant just not give it to her.

UPDATE: The monkey's consultant phoned after his secretary emailed him. He also didn't like what the GP had told me and will be sending a letter to the GP ASAP. He's also said that the monkey will be on this milk for as long as I see necessary, and that could be until she's 3.

Phew, I knew there was a reason I liked Dr Dawson!


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