Thursday, 21 March 2013

Making a house a home

Over the past few weeks many people have asked, are you all out of boxes? Are you settled? Is it starting to feel like home yet?

The answers to these questions may seem simple, yes we are out of boxes, yes we are settled, the girls are happy and we have a new routine that works for us, but the question 'is it starting to feel like home yet' is one that has been puzzling me for years.

What makes a house a home? When I think of all the houses the husband and I have lived in I can honestly say none of them have felt like 'home'. It's something the husband worries about constantly, for him all our houses have felt like home, and I've always been the driving force behind moving, whether it be because I don't like the house, the area, or because I need to be closer to family.

The husband and I have been talking a lot recently about what makes a house a home, we both want this to be our home where we can stay for many years rather than the 12 month average we've racked up. We'd both like to settle somewhere the girls can grow up happy with lots of family and friends around them, and Weston fits the bill. Neither of us want to do another house move and especially not another big house move where we move areas and jobs again.

I've come to the conclusion its the little things that make a house a home. The photos and art work on the walls, the little things that have our personality in, things you wouldn't find the same in anyone else's home. I can also happily say that I'm finally starting to feel like I have a home I can stay in for some time rather than a house I'm just a visitor in.

What makes your house feel like a home?


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