Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mission Delli wraps, Livening up Lunch

Recently a Facebook friend of mine put out a call asking for ideas to make lunchtime in her house less boring, I could totally sympathise with her. Being a mum of 2 little ones lunch time needs to be quick and easy, so inevitably we end up having the same thing day in and day out.

When Mission and Mumsnet asked if I would be willing to liven up our lunches with Mission Deli wraps I jumped at the chance to try something new! They sent me some Mission Deli original and multi-grain wraps along with some pesto and mozzarella and told us to be creative.

Unsure of where to start I headed over to their website where I found some great recipes and although I was meant to be livening up lunch time, I couldn't resist giving these Apple Parcels with Toffee Dipping Sauce a go! We also tried out some other great recipes including Pesto and Mozzarella wraps and Coleslaw with Roast Turkey Rolls

The girls were a little unsure about the wraps at first and a lot more ended up on the floor than in their mouths. But after the normal 2 year old response of its new therefore I don't like it, the monster ended up really liking them too.

Mission have some great flavoured wraps including the Mediterranean Herb, Wheat and White and Multi-grain. We loved trying out the wraps to liven up our lunch time and really think you should all give it a go too. 

(Here comes the promotional gumph, but we think you really should give it a go and enter the competition too!)

To help make livening up lunch even more exciting, Mission has now teamed up with Sacla Squeezy Pesto and Galbani Mozzarella, the perfect ingredients partners that will get your tastebuds tingling. For a limited period you can get 50 pence off Galbani mozzarella or 30 pence off Sacla’s Squeezy Pesto with promotional packs of Mission Deli wraps.  So whether you’re in the mood to top your wrap with mozzarella, or pack it with pesto, you can get a great deal on these two tasty products to help shake up your lunchtime habits.

As well as helping lively lunchers save money, Mission are also running a fantastic free prize draw, where a lucky winner is packed off on an unforgettable holiday to sample the flavours and delights in the Mediterranean. The prize is for four, so get thinking about who you’d like to share the shade of your favourite olive tree. To enter, go to and simply complete the competition form. In addition, 10 weekly runners-up will win a special Mission Deli Wrap lunch bag – giving you more ways to make each lunchtime its very own little mini-break. To see our terms and conditions and for full details of the prize go to

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