Monday, 18 March 2013

Shhh...I bought another one!

Hi my name is Leoni, and I have a pushchair addiction!
Since buying my first pushchair in 2009 I have had 7 pushchairs. That's pretty good going considering I only have 2 children!
My most favourite by far has to be the bugaboo donkey, its just so pretty and easy to use.
I've always had a pushchair hanging around that we don't use, you know just in case, but when we moved house the husband said I had to get rid of the 3 unused pushchairs that sat in the garage. He claimed we didn't have the space for them! He also said I couldn't buy another one ever, ever again. He said we'd spent enough on the donkey and I wouldn't ever need another pushchair.
Yet here I am looking at a box that contains a shiny new pushchair and I'm very excited! Today I bought my 8th pushchair. It might be a good time to say, don't tell the husband, you never know he may not notice! ;)

My beautifully bright new Mothercare Vio

And just in case the husband is reading this, yes dear, I did absolutely, definitely, without a doubt NEED another pushchair!


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