Friday, 15 March 2013


After the toilet training and poo subjects of the last few days, I thought a nice safe subject was in order to get my readers back onside, so shoes it is!

I thought that taking the girls shoe shopping would be simple (I can hear you laughing you know!) How hard can it be getting 2 pairs of feet measured and 2 pairs of shoes fitted. I don't think I could have been more wrong.

Being an avid believer that children don't need shoes until they are walking, the monkey has never had a pair of shoes before. So we started with her. She wasn't keen on having her feet measured and despite regularly trying on the monsters, the husbands and my shoes, she didn't like wearing them much either.

After wrestling her into a pair, I suggested we leave her to her head-banging screaming tactics and focus on the monster. She's an old pro and loves having her feet measured, however she is also a mini me and very independent and head-strong. She knows her own mind, what she wants and not much will change it. So when she spotted the bright pink sparkly pair with an inappropriate heel, she decided she had to have them.

Suddenly I was faced with the monster joining her sister on the floor, screaming the place down. There was only one thing for it, my emergency packet of Malteasers were going to have to save the day! With a pair of shoes on both girls feet, and a promise we could go and show the new shoes to Nanna, we made a hasty retreat from the shop.

Phew. Thankfully both girls love their new shoes now, so much so that the monkey uses the very same head-banging tactics when I try and take her shoes off. Parenting, you cant win either way!


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