Thursday, 7 March 2013

The best ever chocolate cake

The monster loves to cook, when I say it’s time to make dinner she pulls a dining chair in to the kitchen and asks to help. She loves looking through my many cookery books and pointing out all the different ingredients she knows, and learning new ones.

For the past week and a bit she has been asking if we can make a cake and I've been putting her off, there is always an excuse, I'm too tired, I have too much to do, the monkey is too clingy etc. etc.

Yesterday morning when she asked, there were just as many excuses, I surveyed the mess the girls had created in just 3 hours, thought about the spoons I had left, thought about the ingredients that would need buying and the supermarket trip that would mean, I looked at my schedule, the one that helps me make it through the day with enough energy to be able to put the girls to bed, I thought about everything I had learnt about pacing myself. Then I looked at my monster, her eyes were so pleading she said 'please mummy, I love making cake' and I melted, I thought, 'forget it, the washing, ironing and tidying can wait. Today my energy is going in to cooking with my baby!'

We sat on the kitchen floor and I got all of my cake cookery books out, I told her to choose one and we would choose a recipe. She picked up a very old, very broken book and said 'this one mummy?'It’s my favourite recipe book, hence the broken part! It was the first recipe book I was given when I was just 11. It’s the book that sparked my interest in cooking and the book that helped me realise I did have talents, I was good at something, I could cook! I thought it was the perfect choice.

We went through and I flagged up biscuits, cupcakes, flapjack etc that would be easy to make, but with every one she shook her head. She was adamant she wanted to make 'a BIG cake' and she pointed out one of my favourite recipes, one that I have made many times over the years, but had forgotten all about and haven't made my self for years, 'The best ever chocolate cake'

After a quick survey of the recipe off we went to Morrison’s to buy the missing ingredients and after lunch we had so much fun weighing, mixing, baking and icing the cake. I was rewarded by comments from my monster such as 'great mixing mummy' 'it looks delicious' and my personal favourite, 'Mummy, I love you'

I'm glad I made the decision to spend some quality time with my monster yesterday, it was pretty special to share something with her that I really enjoy doing, passing on skills that I have learnt over the years, even if it did mean the monkey got up to… well monkey business while I wasn't looking! Sometimes its good to remember my children are my priority.

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