Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Gallery, Red

Each week I head over to Sticky Fingers to check out the gallery, I have several blogger friends who join in and I love seeing how each blogger interprets the theme. I've never joined in before as I've always been a little scared of joining an established linky, but I couldn't resist this weeks theme of RED.

I've been thinking a lot about colours and what they mean to me recently, blue is cool and calm, Green is a bright calming colour and yellow is a colour I want to like, its the colour of the sun and warmth, but just doesn't seem to 'feel' right.

Red is probably my favourite colour. Its a colour that makes me happy, its bright and vibrant and jumps out at you. Its the opposite to me, but its a colour I can identify with most. Its a colour I need more of in my life and slowly, its creeping in.

Its a colour that dominates my cake decorating, so as I have been and will be doing a lot of baking in the coming week, this weeks picture is of some of the equipment I will be using.



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