Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Time, blink and you've missed it

WARNING: This post may contain information about the monsters adventures in toilet training and a little (or maybe a lot, I'm undecided) of gushing form me. If you aren’t interested in reading that, then please check back tomorrow when I promise not to mention wee or poo!

I know that every parent, actually not just parents, every adult I've met talks about how fast time goes by. I think watching children grow up and seeing how fast they change just intensifies the feeling of time flying by.

There really are stages in a child’s life where you blink and it’s gone. A few weeks back the monster decided one day she didn’t want to wear a nappy any more, she wanted to be a big girl. Suddenly almost overnight, my baby is gone! The amount of nappies I change in a day has halved and I’m constantly thinking about toilets and where the nearest one is. How quickly can I get there? How busy/noisy/big will it be and will the monster point blank refuse to use it? Where can I feasibly put down a travel potty without grossing anyone out or getting dirty looks from those with hoiked up judgy pants, and will it collapse under her again? (seriously its going back to the shop!) Will she wee in it or am I going to have to go home so she can wee in the comfort of her potty?

I blame my mother for this last thought. She has a fear of toilets, always has ever since I can remember. She has instilled in me and my siblings a fear of toilets and now it appears, this same fear has passed to the 3rd generation and my monster will not use any other potty than her own. She might sit on the travel potty or her auntie twinkle's potty (twinkle is 5 months older than the monster, but that’s a whole other blog post!) But will she wee on another potty, NO! 

I think I'm going to have to buy a few more potties to dot around the house and encourage the use of the travel potty at home and continue using pull ups when we are out and about. She knows when she wants to go and the only time she wets herself when we are out is when she physically can’t hold on anymore and it’s more a leak than wetting herself, she doesn’t empty her bladder, just lets out a little bit so there is more room!

So I am very pleased to announce (if you didnt want to hear it you should have stopped reading after the warning!) that the monster is officially a big girl and potty trained, at home anyway. Maybe returning to that person who never leaves the house wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all if it means I change fewer nappies and have less washing, but I will persevere. She needs to get over the fear and learn to use different toilets.

I just can’t believe my baby is all grown up. With each day that passes I miss my tiny baby but I love the child she is turning into and I’m excited to meet the young lady she will become.


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