Friday, 1 March 2013

Who is Hollie?

'Mummy what's my name' was a question my monster asked me for the first time a few days ago, 'your name is monster' I answered, although obviously I used her real name. 'No mummy, my real name!' For those of you that don't know my monster, I don't use her real name, we use a version of her name that actually doesn't sound like her name at all, and she knows that she has 2 names, I told her what her real name is and what she said next made me laugh, 'no mummy my name is Hollie!' Initially I embraced this imaginative side to her, and played along. Called her Hollie for a few hours and asked what Hollie liked to do, play, eat etc. and we made a great game out of it. Although I am still trying to embrace the creative imaginative side, it’s starting to concern me slightly!

Ever since my monster has been telling everyone that will listen her name is Hollie and it’s the ONLY name she will answer to. I feel quite silly calling my daughter Hollie in front of people who know her name is monster!

This is just phase, right? I'm not going to have to actually officially change her name, am I? Don’t get me wrong I love the name Hollie, it was actually one of the ones on our 'list', but it’s just not her! She really isn't a Hollie, she is definitely a monster!


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