Monday, 8 April 2013

Breaking the rules!

One of the greatest things about writing your own rules is that at any time you can choose to break or re write them!

This week I will be breaking one of my biggest rules and re-working some of my older blog posts I'm not happy with. When I read some of my firsts posts I realise how clunky, difficult to read and vague they are!

So follow me on Facebook and/or join me on Twitter to see what I've re done, what new information has been included or photos have been added

New Baby Bunting
Wow, doesnt time just fly
So. A seizure
A message for my girls

On a completely different note, the BiB (brilliance in blogging) award nominations are now open, if you like what you see please nominate me in the 'family' or 'lifestyle' categories. Its just 1 click and a short form away.
Thank you

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