Friday, 12 April 2013

Gardening with Grandpa

With the temperature reaching the dizzying heights of 5 degrees last weekend and the evenings getting lighter, we decided it was time to make our garden child friendly as well as introducing some colour to the rather dead looking planters.

As luck would have it, the husbands parents were also due to be staying and, as grandpa is a keen gardener (the husband and myself are rather agriculturally challenged  we decided he would be the perfect person to impart some wisdom to the monster and may be the gardening gene could be picked up in her.

We started with a trip to Sainsbury's where the monster found a watering can and a spade she apparently LOVED so she could help grandpa, she was very excited and picked out a couple of colourful windmills, then we headed over to Homebase where we found some edible plants*. I had no idea you could buy such things! What a perfect solution to the monkey picking flowers and putting them in her mouth, the flowers and leafs are all edible and they are really bright colours.

As I also LOVE sunflowers as they are so big and bright, so I bought a packet of these too.

We had so much fun learning how to plant, water and weed although I was told off a few times by grandpa for massacring the nice plants along with pulling the weeds.

We finished off the garden with some pretty solar twinkly fairy lights and I think its now a lovely pretty place to sit and watch the girls play in the summer.

The only problem we have now is the monster enjoyed gardening so much every time I let her out there she wants to do it again! The seeds have been dug up so many time I'm not completely convinced they will all grow. Only Time will tell!

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