Monday, 29 April 2013

Goodbye Baby Days, Hello Toddlerdom

Somewhere in the last few weeks while I wasn't watching my baby became a fully fledged toddler!

This weekend we put the last of the baby things in the loft, started transitioning from bottle to cup and have ordered a toddler bed.

My baby is growing up too quickly and I'm not sure I like it!

Its not all bad though, gone are the days of being pinned to the sofa by a sleeping or feeding baby, now I can put her down to sleep and she can feed herself. Gone are the days of endless crying, now she can tell me what she wants, and gone are the days of needing me to be by her side 24/7. My baby has found some confidence and will happily go off and explore (as long as I'm in the same room!)

It feels quite bitter sweet, I don't feel ready to say goodbye to the baby days but I also love this stage of exploring and seeing the world through a toddlers eyes. Their expressions and questions are just so funny, insightful and thought out, so good bye baby days and hello toddlerdom!


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