Friday, 5 April 2013

No more dummy

Over the past 10 months we have tried several times to wean the monster off her dummy, we've tried the soft approach  you can only have it at bed time, but that didn't work as I'm too soft and gave in just for a quiet life! We've tried the dummy fairy approach where the fairy came before bed time, but that didn’t work as she screamed and screamed and screamed, keeping her sister up and I felt like an awful parent and gave it back to her!

But today I am sticking to my guns, we've been talking to the monster about how dummies and bottles are for babies for a few weeks now, she understands she’s not a baby anymore and therefore shouldn’t have a dummy. Yesterday we started telling her that this morning she was going to be saying good bye to her dummy.

We decided to go for the morning approach so she can get used too not having her dummy before bed time rolls around; I'm hoping it may be less traumatic for her. This morning she was very happy to say goodbye, we collected up all her dummies and bottles, we put them in a gift bag and she put the bag outside the front door. 

When I put some nappies in the bin a little while later the bag was empty, they had all gone! Within 5 minutes the full reality of what has happened had hit her and she was pleading with me to get them back for her. She told me how much she needed them and how she was still a baby.

I'm sticking to my guns, that’s it, no dummy for the monster. I have no choice and no matter how many times she says 'please mummy, please' there is nothing I can do, the dummy has gone.

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