Thursday, 4 April 2013

The sign of a bad day?

Three signs of a bad day

1) No morning blog post. I haven't managed to get any blog posts lined up for this week so am posting as I finish rather than scheduling them, and although I have started and tried to finish many today I just haven't found the motivation (until now!)

2) My children are still in their pj's! According to my strict schedule that allows me to get through a day, me and the girls need to be up, showered and dressed by 8am (8.30 at the very latest). I knew I was on a loosing streak today when at 10am I was still sitting in bed with the one girl cuddled up with me and the other reading stories (read taking every book off the shelf and scattering them around the playroom). At almost 6pm and 40 minutes till bed time, although I am dressed the girls, well they are topless and looking a little worse for wear in their pjs.

3) Last but not least the crazy things I come out with. Clearing away after the girls dinner I asked the husband if he could put the block of cheese back in the oven. Thankfully the husband has enough common sense to just say no and put it in the fridge.

It could be because I went to the supermarket twice yesterday or it could be because we were up till midnight last night with the girls, I don't know the exact reason but tomorrow is a new, and hopefully better, day.

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