Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wedding Cake

For those of you that missed it, last week was a quiet week on the blog as I was making a good friends wedding cake.

Although it was exhausting  I loved doing it, its been a long time since I did a cake, almost 2 years and it was great to have an excuse to try out some of the new techniques I've learnt in those 2 years.

Abi wanted some thing simple, that tied in with her garden party theme, she said she was having bunting all around the hall and later she blogged about a Lego figure she thought she might like to use as a cake topper. It was at this point the inspiration came and I knew how it was going to look.

There were a few hairy moments like when the icing on the 2nd tear fell apart after I'd placed it on the cake (it was either too dry or too cold.) and when ever I  do something like this I can always see the flaws and mistakes, so although I look at this and see all the places I should, and could, have done better maybe when I look objectively Its not that bad after all.

On a completely different note, the BiB (brilliance in blogging) award nominations are now open, if you like what you see please nominate me in the 'family' or 'lifestyle' categories. Its just 1 click and a short form away.
Thank you

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