Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Don't stand on your sisters head

Since becoming a parent I have heard myself say things that I never thought I'd say ever in my whole life!

There are the things my mum used to say that used to annoy me as a child and I am constantly shocked when they come out of my mouth, things like "I don't care who started it, just stop fighting" or "you'll be grateful when your older!"

And then there are the other things I hear myself saying, the things that are just so odd and crazy I'm not even sure I believe what's going on.

Here are just a few I have used today.

"Don't stand on your sisters head"
"Dummies do not go in nappies"
"Get out of the washing machine"
"What did your toast do to deserve a time out?"
"Its lovely that dolly wants to join us for dinner, but you need to eat some too!"
"Is that a snail in your mouth?"
"Don't wipe your nose on the TV"
"I'm sorry Ms Teddy, I didn't realise you were also thirsty, here's your drink too"

I am assured as they get bigger this is just going to get worse! What weird and wonderful things have you said to your child today?

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