Thursday, 16 May 2013

Family photographs

When my brother came home, 2 weeks ago (wow, time flies!), my mum wanted to get 2 photo's, one of all her children together and another of all the family together.

We all know how to take a photo, you point and click. Easy...Right? Apparently not if you have 6 adults and 2 children! My mum ended up taking 129 photos and we still didn't get a decent one of us all looking at the camera!

Here are some of the best!

This is my favourite of the sibling pictures, I'm not sure why as Bobbi isn't looking and George looks like he's about to strangle Little Bro!

Then the parents joined us!

We finally came up with this, and still not every one is looking at the camera!
From left to right, Little Bro, Me, Eddie, George, Bobbi, Mum, Dad and Little Sis

We had lots of laughs taking the 129 photo's. But I think in the future, without a doubt, professional help is needed!

What do you think?

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