Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday Treats #1

Originally this blog was started to showcase my work as a cake decorator, as well as talking about family life. The idea was to show off some of the cakes I had made and to talk about how I managed to create them.

Then I had 2 children and was diagnosed with CFS and life became a bit crazy, this blog became more about family life and the journey I've been on, and less about my cakes. Its a balance I'd like to re-address, decorating cakes is something I'm passionate about. I didn't do any properly for such a long time, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed doing it. however, as I made a blessing cake for a very special little girl last weekend I realised how much I have missed it and how much I really love cake decorating. So each Friday I will be bringing you my Friday Treats.

First up is a Sweet Butterfly Treat. 

This is the first cake I made professionally and the whole time I was working on it I had butterfly's in my stomach and my hands wouldn't stop shaking (if you look carefully you can actually tell!) I was just so nervous.

The cake was for a very cute little girl who was turning 4. She had a very clear idea of what she wanted and handed me several cut outs from magazines of different bits she had found that she really liked. 

Her mum told me she was a bit of a chocoholic so, the wings are made from a rich chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream, covered in a soft shell pink fondant icing. The body of the butterfly is made entirely from pink sugar paste. 

Despite the flaws that I can see (and I'm not about to point out to you the many, many flaws I wish I could go back and change!) I was actually really pleased with how the cake turned out, and thankfully so was the birthday girl.

This cake will always be one of my favourites because it was my first!

Come back next week to see Iggle Piggle in cake. In the mean time, follow me on Facebook or Twitter to hear more about cakes, my girls and all the other things that go on in my life!


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